10 reasons to enter the Wind Investment Awards 2021

10 reasons to enter the Wind Investment Awards 2021

January 13, 2021

Richard Heap

Editor in Chief


We’ve all been through a tough time recently.

But now is the time to give the members of your team the recognition they deserve. The way in which they’ve dealt with everything that’s been thrown at them in the last 12 months has been remarkable.

We all deserve a medal.

The Wind Investment Awards celebrates the achievements of your peers, your industry, your team and… you!

The awards reward best practice in the global wind industry and the event recognises the efforts that have been made to ensure the industry’s continued growth over the last 12 months, despite the difficult circumstances.

Still need to be persuaded to submit for the awards?

Here’s 10 reasons why you should enter the Wind InvestmentAwards 2021.

1.    Recognise, and reflect on, the best of your work

To submit an entry for the Awards, a trip down memory lane is necessary. The good

news is, you won’t need to take your mask!

Amid the disruption of the last year, there may not have been many opportunities to

reflect on your recent achievements. Now is your chance. 

Take a few minutes to make a nomination as this will serve as an acknowledgement of your accomplishments as well as those of your team.


2.    Connect with the best in the wind industry- meet your next business partner

Submit an entry and you will find yourself among those who have made the biggest impact in wind.

This presents an opportunity to network with other shortlisted companies. Who knows? You may connect with your next business partner.


3.    Raise the profile of your team

It’s time your team received the recognition it deserves.

Getting onto the shortlist, and potentially winning an award, will serve as another endorsement of the high quality work your team has done.


4.    Attract attention

What better way to attract the best kind of attention and build the right reputation than by being nominated for an industry award?

We don’t think there is one.


5.    The physical manifestation of your success

Success is often intangible, but an award nomination, or win, is something you’ll be

able to point to in order to highlight your achievements.


6.    Benchmark against your peers

Benchmarking is a useful tool when growing your business.

An Awards submission is the perfect opportunity to self- evaluate and understand:

  • how your work compares to the wider industry,
  • how you can improve.


7.    Celebrate the industry 

The main goal of the Awards is to take pause and recognise, and applaud, the industry’s achievements. 

So, why not take a minute to have your say about industry best practice by submitting the best of your work for consideration?


8.    Motivate your team

Win or lose, inclusion in the Awards rewards your team for the work they have

done and gives them the industry- wide recognition you feel they deserve.

What better way to motivate your team who, like everyone, have had much to contend with in the last year.


9.    A reason to celebrate yourself

In the words of a L’Oréal advertisement…you’re worth it!

The Awards provide you with an excellent reason to celebrate yourself. By

selflessly highlighting the work of your team, you also deserve the opportunity to



10.  There’s no reason not to

Simply put, there’s no reason not to submit an entry for Wind Investment Awards


The only thing left to do is decide which awards categories you want to enter.


You can submit your nominations in the 20 categories in theWind Investment Awards 2021

before January 29th.

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