Everything you need to know about entering the European Wind Investment Awards

Everything you need to know about entering the European Wind Investment Awards

June 10, 2019

María Crespo Apastegui


A Word About Wind


The process for entering the European Wind Investment Awards is easy. So, after you’ve decided which of the categories you want to enter, you can do the following…

1. Visit the entry page;

2. Download the awards entry form and fill in it;

3. Fill in the online form with your basic details;

4. Upload the awards entry form and any supporting material;

5. Click ‘submit entry’;

6. A confirmation message will appear to let you know that your entry has been received.


After you submit your awards entry, the team at A Word About Wind will review it to ensure that the entry is complete and they have all the information they need.

If any information is missing or unclear, the team will get in contact with you to sort it out.

You won’t be asked to resubmit the full application and you won’t be charged twice if something is amiss.

Once the team has everything they need, they will invoice you.

If you are a member and need to make payment for additional entries above your allowance, a member from A Word About Wind will be in touch.

If you are not a member, the A Word About Wind team will be in touch to take payment for your entries.


You won’t be asked to pay when you submit your entry but you will be asked to enter the discount code if you are A Word About Wind member.

Members of A Word About Wind are entitled to:

• 1 free nomination with the code EWIAsilver1 (Silver Members)

• 2 free nominations with the code EWIAgold3 (Gold Members)

• 5 free nominations with the code EWIAplat5 (Platinum Members)

• 10 free nominations with the code EWIAcorp10 (Corporate Members)

For non-members, and for members seeking to make further entries, each entry will cost the standard price of £150.00 + VAT

The team will send you an invoice once all the required information has been submitted.


The deadline for awards entries is Friday 28th June.

1st July:  Judges receive login details to review the entries in their category. Each judge will score the entry. Team and individual categories are scored out of a possible 50 points. Entries in the innovation category will be scored out of 30.

24th July: The judging session will take place. Judges will discuss the top 5 highest-scoring entries in each category.

26th July: The shortlist will be announced. Shortlisted companies will be notified by email.

31st October: The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.


To ensure that our awards are impartial, ethical and transparent, we ask that our judges sign a charter agreeing to:

• dedicate sufficient time to fairly read, judge and score the entries

• delete all judging materials and marks immediately after the judging period

• declare any conflicts of interest

• not allow personal relationships or experiences to influence judging

• keep judging discussions confidential contained only to the judging panel

• not share confidential material, judging papers or entries with anyone

• not notify anyone that they have won or that they are shortlisted ahead of the official announcements

• not give any feedback to entrants as to why they have not won or were not shortlisted – all requests for feedback must be directed to the organisers.


Once you’ve submitted your entry and booked tickets, acquaint yourself with the format for the awards ceremony.

18.30 - Drinks reception

19:00 - Call for dinner

19:15 - Welcome speeches

19:30 - Dinner

21:30 - Awards

22:30 - Close & after party

00:30 - Event ends

You could also consider booking accommodation. We have partnered with St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London to host our awards ceremony. There are a limited number of guest rooms available to book online at a discounted rate.

If you have any further questions, visit the European Wind Investment Awards site. You can contact us directly through the chat feature on the site.

Contact us

For further information about the Wind Investment Awards, please contact the events team on +44 (0) 20 7100 1616 | +1 917 310 3307 or email

For sponsorship enquiries, please contact the business development team on +44 (0)20 7100 1616 or email

For membership enquiries, please contact the membership team on +44 (0)20 7100 1616 | +1 917 310 3307 or email

Become a sponsor

Sponsorship opportunities are limited and in high demand.

Contact us to find out how to be a part of this special event or visit the sponsors page for more information about this year's sponsorship opportunities.