Our 13-point checklist for writing a winning awards entry

Our 13-point checklist for writing a winning awards entry

January 20, 2021

Richard Heap

Editor in Chief


The Wind Investment Awards entry deadline – on the 29 January – is fast approaching, so here’s our 13-point checklist for writing a winning awards entry.
Use this checklist to ensure you have the best chance of winning the award in your category.

Follow our top tips in order to submit entry that will:

  • Best showcase your achievements
  • Leave a lasting impression on judges
  • Maximise your chances of winning your category and being crowned one of 20 winners at our Wind Investment Awards in Spring of 2021.


So, here we go then, our 13 top tips:

1. Consider the timeframe

Entries should relate to work undertaken between 1 August 2019 and 31 December

So, consider that timeframe and pinpoint your best work.

2. Enter the right categories for you

Consider each of the open 20 categories and match them with the work you have selected.

Enter the categories that best suit your work.

3. Follow the instructions

Don’t disqualify your submission before it even has a chance to be reviewed.

Avoid rejection by making sure the answers you provide correspond with the question being asked. It’s that simple.

Remember: The deadline is fast approaching, get your submissions in before then.

Also, make sure you’ve checked the criteria before submitting.


4. Grab the judges’ attention early

Focus your entry on the key (and most impressive) aspects of your work.

Use indisputable facts and strong statistics as evidence to back up your claims.

Confidentiality - remember that the judges are industry peers, so be careful about sharing confidential information.


5. Don’t downplay

Don’t downplay your work or that of your team.

Describe the hard work involved.

6. Reel off the results

Be sure to let the judges know the results of the work included in the entry.

Also, what was the impact on the industry?

Stick to the truth and avoid jargon. The judges are industry experts – they’ll know if claims are truthful.

7. Explain the ‘why’

Don’t forget the ‘why’ behind the entry, behind the project, and behind the people involved.

The drivers are just as important as the results in the eyes of the judges.

8. Think about how the information is presented

The content is the most vital part of an awards entry, but the way you present it is also important.

Avoid big blocks of unbroken text. Use subsections and bullet points, for example, to make information more accessible

9. Stand out

The more unique the work and the results – as well as the the presentation of the entry – the better your chances of success.

Bring your individuality, as well as the uniqueness of your organisation, to the fore.

10. Impress, but don’t overwhelm, the judges

Judges will have plenty of entries to go through.

So, while the goal is to leave a lasting impression of your work, don’t overwhelm the judges with every visual, video and link at your disposal.

11. Include endorsements

Using external endorsements will further validate your work in the eyes of the judges.

The support of clients, or other well-known names in the industry, can be invaluable.


12. Get help if you need it

Get the input of colleagues or external contacts if you feel they can help add an extra something to your entry.

Send a first draft to your team and ask them to check it

13. Start now!

There aren’t many more days left before the deadline – get your submissions in before 29 January.

When you’ve been through the checklist, you will be more than ready to submit an outstanding awards entry.

All that’s left is to say good luck!


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